TODAY–June 9th!! **COLIN FRY** on Virtual Vision FM!! 1pmPST/3pmCST/4pmEST/9pmUK


June 9th, 1pmPDT/3pmCDT/6pmEDT/9pmUK ***SPECIAL GUEST*** Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium Colin Fry!!

LISTEN LIVE: Join us on Sunday, June 9th 1pmPDT/3pmCDT/4pmEDT/9pmUK as we welcome our very special guest, internationally renowned and UK’s top ranked psychic medium, Mr. Colin Fry!! We are thrilled and quite fortunate to have Colin on Virtual Vision FM due to his popularity and high demand! Publically acknowledged as ‘The Peoples Medium’, Colin is one of the world’s most renowned mediums, having worked as a Spiritualist Medium, registered healer and tutor for 35 years, 2012 saw Colin become a Spiritualist Minister, now officially known as The Reverend Colin Fry. Following on from the world wide success of his television series, ‘Sixth Sense with Colin Fry’, ‘Psychic Private Eyes’, ‘Colin Fry Live’ he went on to make a highly acclaimed TV series, ‘The Happy Medium’ in New Zealand and most recently ‘Den Andre Siden’ with Colin Fry in Norway. Colin has undertaken many international tour dates including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Finland and other European countries. For more information on Colin Fry  please visit his website at


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