Tomorrow-June 16th-on Virtual Vision FM–Andie Hudson!! 1pm PST/3pmCST/4pmEST/9pmUK

VVlogo Listen Live: Join us as Andie Hudson shares her wisdom of crystals!
Andie Hudson is a highly qualified and experienced Healer, Psychic Counsellor and Teacher who is one of the most dynamic and innovative Healers/Psychic Counsellors working in the field of mind body spirit healing today. Her healing gifts and channelling ability, combined with her love of people, have enabled her to bring comfort, strength and inspiration to thousands of people She is the daughter of an architect and the granddaughter of an eminent British spiritual healer who worked in Egypt. Her grandfather, the healer, liaised with Howard Carter and the Earl of Carnarvon in helping them find the secrets of Tutankhamun’s Tomb. Andie grew up in Wales where she became aware of her healing and psychic gifts at an early age. Over a period of thirty years she has developed these gifts through the study of holistic therapies in many interrelated fields. In 1990 she became a Reiki Master, having trained in the Usui Reiki System under the internationally acclaimed healer, Lucy Reed. She also has a Certificate in Psychic Counselling from the Bristol School of Psychic Development (1986) and an Advanced Certificate in Crystal Healing from the Bristol School of Crystal Therapy (1972).


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