Join us Sunday June 30th with Frank Pilkington 1pmPDT/3pmCDT/4pmEDT/9pmUK

VVlogo LISTEN LIVE:  Scottish Psychic Astrologer Frank Pilkington joins us on Sunday 30th June to share his uncanny ability to interpret the stars and skies in his own inimitable style! Provider of psychic and astrology columns to The Scottish Sun, Scottish Television, Mecca Bingo Magazine and Teletext, Frank Pilkington has been psychic since childhood. Frank’s blend of mysticism, humanity and perceptiveness has led to a successful career in magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and on the stage. In 1990 Frank became the first astrologer to write for a weekly national magazine, Woman’s Realm, and worked with the publication for 10 years until it closed in June 2001. He was also astrologer to Scotland’s Sunday Mail for 14 years until 2011 when he moved to the Sun. From Friday 5th July he will once again take to the airwaves every week on Clyde 2’s breakfast show, Scotland’s biggest radio station, with 1 million listeners a day. For more information regarding Frank Pilkington please visit


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