Sunday, Sept 29th, Virtual Vision FM presents Rhiannon Faulkner, 1pm PDT/3pm CDT/4pm EDT/9pm GDT

Rhiannon LISTEN LIVE: Rhiannon Faulkner is a young widow and mother of five children, all pictured in her tarot deck, The Faulkner Tarot. She is a successful author, medium and faith healer, based in Devon, UK, travels with her family to teach and educate worldwide.

Rhiannon is the author of “My Journey Throught the Tarot,” and “My Test of Faith.”

Rhiannon’s work and positive attitude towards life has inspired thousands of people who meet her. A true example of how being passionate about your beliefs can change your life.

Rhiannon is passionate about tarot and is on a mission to change the way it is perceived. She wants it to be known as the modern form of counseling and a form of self help, rather than the dark and misunderstood tool it has become. 10% of all profits of the sale of the Faulkner Tarot Deck goes to charities in memory of her husband, Dave.

Rhiannon works everyday to prove, with the help of her spirit guide, Brian Copthorne, that life really does go on and offers support, company and faith healing to terminally ill people across the UK.

For more information on Rhiannon Faulkner please visit or


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