Today!! Sunday, Oct 6th, Virtual Vision FM presents Medium Barrie John!! 1pm PDT/3pm CDT/4pm EDT/9pm GMT

Barrie John LISTEN LIVE:

Join us as we speak with Barrie John , Multi-Award Winning TV Medium, Presenter, Broadcaster, Speaker, Paranormal Investigator and Columnist. He became aware of his abilities as a young child. He always knew their was more to life and that after death his family and friends would lived on in another place. Barrie believes in sharing knowledge of the spirit world with others and regularly holds public talks and workshops at all levels to help others develop their abilities.

Barrie regularly write’s articles and experiences with some of the Top UK Spiritual and Paranormal Magazines, such as, Ghost Voices – Eternal Spirit – Predictions – Chat It’s Fate – Fate and Fortune. He has also appeared on many BBC radio programs and works with “The Most Haunted Team” consisting of Karl Beattie, Yvette Fielding, Lesley Smith, Cath Howe, Stuart Torville and Ciara O’Keeffe.

In 2006, he was invited to attend an event for over 800 people in Beunos Aries for ‘The Presidents Organisation of the America’.

Barrie was given permission to visit the burial place of Eva Peron at the La Recoleta Cemetary.
Another great passion for Barrie is working and talking about Physical Mediumship, and the materialisation of spirit.

For more information on Barrie John please visit his website at:


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