Today, Sun Oct 26th, 1pm PDT/3pm CDT/4pm EDT/8pm GMT Virtual Vision FM presents Carla Blowey, Author of Dreaming Kevin

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Carla is a Certified Dream Work Facilitator through the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work with director, Dr. Jeremy Taylor. She is a trained Stephen Minister and a past member of the advisory board for Hospice of the Uncompahgre Valley in Montrose, CO. Carla is a trained facilitator in Attitudinal Healing peer support from the Center for Attitudinal Healing. She is a past member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. As editor-in-chief for Living With Loss Magazine from 2006-2009, Carla’s columns included Reflections from the Editor, The Heartlight Connection, and the Dream Connection.

Dreams: A Blessing Disguise, Carla offers group participants an opportunity to see beyond the illusions of death, bringing their dreams, their deceased loved ones and ultimately themselves, into the Light. Nationally, Carla presented at conferences such as The Compassionate Friends National and Regional Conferences; the Bereaved Parents of the USA National Gathering; Journey to Joy Bereaved Mothers Retreat; Dreaming Kevin: Awakening at the Refuge; TAPS Seminar for military survivors; Beyond Words: Redefining Loss through Creative Approaches; and The Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference.

Carla says: “Sharing our dreams is an opportunity to see our life journey and our grief journey from a different perspective. I believe that when we see our grief and our dreams differently, we are in a mode of healing – letting go of perceptions that inhibit our emotional and spiritual growth. With each insight, we can examine the diverse issues that complicate living with loss, illuminating the imagery from the inner world to manifest creative solutions in the outer world.”

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