Be a “Virtual Visionary”!!



vvfm visionary


Virtual Vision FM listeners span the globe!

So many of you are spiritually motivated with extraordinary abilities.  Some are listeners that prefer to listen and consider new concepts to enhance growth, healing and empowerment. Whatever the reason, we appreciate you! The thrill of your own personal journey serves to uplift us all so let us know where in the world you are listening from.  It’s important we all connect the dots to see how widespread true upliftment reaches.  Let’s hear from you!

As well, we encourage you to send us your mp3 stating your name (first name only please), the country you reside and that you are a Virtual Visionary!  We will begin airing these mp3s on our show.  Join in on the fun, be a part of the movement!

Virtual Vision FM is here…because YOU matter!



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