*****Virtual Vision FM SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*****


It’s official!! Virtual Vision Fm (VVFM) is NO LONGER on BLOG TALK RADIO!!

It has always been the mandate of VVFM to provide the best to our listeners at all times and it became increasingly clear to the VVFM team that the Blog Talk Radio platform is not serving the needs of our listeners.

It is with great joy that we announce the beginning of a new era for VVFM!! We will now be on a visual platform that will still allow for your interaction and participation on the show! So exciting!!

Starting this Sunday, April 19th we will be a VISUAL show. You will need to register for each show and it will only involve your entering in your email address. That’s it! It’s that quick and easy! The best part is that the show will still be FREE!!

Be a Virtual Visionary with the VVFM team! We are so excited to be delivering the show by virtue of a new and improved platform!! We certainly hope you will continue to follow us and now SEE our featured guests AND witness readings in a way that we could not do on Blog Talk Radio.

Change. It’s a good thing! Are you with us??


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