Sunday, May 24th, 1pm PDT/3pm CDT/4pm EDT/9pm GMT Virtual Vision FM presents Sherri Jemmett, Theta Healer

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Join us as the VVFM team speaks with Sherri Jemmett, Theta Healer.

Sherri is a Master Theta Healer® and TeraMai TM Reiki Master.
Sherri’s work as a spiritual teacher and emotional healing master has involved her in a variety of projects across the globe.

Sherri runs her own workshops and professional training courses in emotional/spiritual healing and development tapping into her knowledge of spiritual growth, primarily focussing on clearing the subconscious, DNA cellular memory and imprints.

Her readings and sessions provide insights into what you may be holding onto from the past (including historically and genetically) that is blocking you from moving forward – releasing old trauma and outworn patterns of thought, and she will energetically shift the beliefs, guiding you through each step of that process, to attain a deeper understanding of the beauty of who you really are and what you are truly here to achieve and manifest.

Her creative endeavours have ranged from yoga dance and music, to more recently creating her own line of energy protectors and jewellery known as Orgonites for her clients, students and other light workers.


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