Today July 14th on Virtual Vision FM–Carrie Kirkpatrick, Psychic Clairvoyant–1pmPDT/3pmCDT/4pmEDT/9pmUK

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Join us today as Virtual Vision FM presents Carrie Kirkpatrick, psychic clairvoyant! Carrie Kirkpatrick calls herself a psychic clairvoyant and Goddess Practitioner, as she is a practicing witch and priestess of the Goddess. Part of her main focus is to empower and free people whilst aiding them in being able to achieve the life that they want.

She is also the author of two books, ‘Goddess Enchantment – Magic & Spells : volumes 1 & 2’ which suggests different Goddesses from all over the world that one can work with spiritually and magically to bring about positive change in your life.

There is so much more to Carrie Kirkpatrick that can possibly be written here!! Tune in to hear Carrie discuss her work. She is truly amazing!!

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Join us July 7th as Virtual Vision FM presents psychic dowser Bonnie Reid 1pmPDT/3pmCDT/4pmEDT/9pmUK

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Bonnie Reid has been psychic dowsing, and also does a multitude of other things such as Touch for Health, Three In One Concepts (age recessing the body back to causal age using muscle testing), Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), TAPAS Accupressure Technique, Whole Healing Easily and Effectively (WHEE) for 33 years. She has spent time in the Ozarks Research Institute, in Arkansas, with teachers who conduct research into Power of Thought/Mind, all manner of mind phenomena such as remote dowsing, distance healing, etc. Bonnie has also trained in the U.S. with the Light Beam Generator for the Lymphatic system. Her dowsing assists her in finding where the lymph is stagnant and needs to move. Also, where emotional energies are stagnant and need to move.
Bonnie works on the Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels and is committed to helping other people heal and to share with them how they can help themselves.

Join us June 2nd as Virtual Vision FM welcomes The Psychic’s Psychic, Jerry Humphreys!! 1pmPDT/3pmCDT/4pmEDT/9pmUK

VVlogo LISTEN LIVE: Join us as we welcome Jerry Humphreys to Virtual Vision FM. Jerry, otherwise known as The Psychic’s Psychic, will be discussing the Six Degrees of Separation. We know we are all connected but the six degrees of separation reflects that generally every sixth person is connected to us in some unique way. Jerry will also be sharing his astrological knowledge regarding the upcoming Mercury in Retrograde aspect that will begin June 26th! Tune in and find out how it will impact you–and begin to understand the connection of who you are in relation to those around you. You won’t want to miss this show!