Today, Nov. 17th Virtual Vision FM presents Nick Humphries, Psychic Medium 1pm PST/3pm CST/4pm EST/9pm GMT

Nick Humphries


Nick has over 24 years of experience and has always had a link with spirit, even from a very young age. He used to see spirit in his bedroom and various other places that he visited and at the schools he went to. As a boy he knew he was different but kept it quiet and often found himself on his own.

Nick has spent many years developing to enhance his link with the spirit world and to understand more about the journey that he was taking. He has gone on to work on the platform in churches and on the big stages of theatres across the UK, India and Norway as well as hosting his very own online radio show called “The Feel Closer to Spirit Show” on Blogtalk radio, visit .

Nick continues to do readings and demonstrations at Mind, Body & Spirit venues throughout the UK and abroad, and has acquired himself an international following.

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It’s show day!! Join us Sunday, Sept 1st 2013 as Virtual Visions FM discuss the Universal Matrix 1pmPDT/3pmCDT/4pmEDT/9pmGMT

Join us Sunday, September 1st, 2013 on VVFM as we discuss the Universal Matrix. Grant and Ara are eager to hear your experiences! What have you been experiencing in regard to the universe and the night sky? When we look toward the darkness—will we see the light? Do you look upon ETs as Extra Terrestrials or do you think of them more as Educational Tutors? Do you want to boldly go where no man has gone before? You may already have—and have just forgotten. How far down the rabbit hole do YOU want to go! This is YOUR time to put your views across! Put them into virtual reality–come astral travel with us– right here on Virtual Visions FM. Be a part of the show!! Call in at 646.716.9336! For those listening via iPhones make sure you post your questions on the VVFM Event Page as we will be monitoring the page throughout the show!