Rev. Ted Woodroffe

Ted new 2017

Rev. Ted Woodroffe is a qualified certificated Reiki Master and Angelic Healer, Psychic Surgeon (channeled to him from Higher Energies).

He is currently undergoing training as a Spiritual Healer, with The Corinthians, courtesy of tutor Rev Nicola Harwood, known from Channel 4 television in the UK.

He has also appeared on Peterborough FM with Valentine St Aubyn, on her ‘Esoteric Discussion’ show. More recently he was a co-host of  Becoming Psychic on Channel Radio in the UK before sliding into the co-pilot chair on Virtual Vision FM.

He has also founded The Namaste Group some years ago, which is a national network of Healers. He offers courses and various workshops and has helped many clients and plans to continue Healing and performing Psychic Surgery for the rest of his life.

Rev. Ted Woodroffe brings to Virtual Vision FM a wealth and depth of expertise in all areas of Spirituality, Angels, Archangels, Healing (various disciplines), Psychic Surgery, the paranormal and much, much more.


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