Sunday, Nov 15, 1pm PST/3pm CST/4pm EST/9pm GMT Virtual Vision FM presents Christina Rodenbeck, The Oxford Astrologer

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Join us as we speak with Christina Rodenbeck, the Oxford Astrologer.

Christina Rodenbeck has practiced astrology for many years. Her approach is individualistic, intuitive and psychological. She has a loyal international clientele, who return to her because of the accuracy of her insights and the kindness of her attention.

Christina started writing her blog The Oxford Astrologer five years ago, and has gained a huge following. For fellow astrologers, her blog posts — on an enormous range of subjects from Burma to beards to royal babies to Berlin — are a must-read.

Her monthly horoscopes are probably the longest and most personal on the net. She writes them just days before they are published so they retain a remarkable freshness and energy.

Before joining the on-line community, she created and edited the part-work Astrology and the Mystic Arts. She has also written several books on esoteric subjects including meditation and crystals. She is on BBC Oxford once a month discussing current astrology.

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