Today Sunday, Nov 10 Virtual Vision FM presents Kat King, Psychic Medium & Healer 1pm PST/3pm CST/5pm EST/9pm GMT



For over 25 years Kat King has studied many ancient religions and was fascinated by the fact they all contained the wisdom of healing. She has used this wisdom in tending to her own health crisis and in 2001 developed a process called the Sonic Ki Therapeutic Frequency Restorative. Kat King’s credentials are many and varied. She is a non-denominational minister, drug and alcohol specialist, aromatherapist, herbalist, certified hypnotherapist, reiki master – teacher in traditional Usui, initiated into the Jhori healing arts, and has logged over 15,000 research hours into the study of ancient forms of healing as they relate to religious/spiritual practices as well as correlating this information with modern scientific findings.

For more information on Kat King and the Sonic Ki Therapeutic Frequency Restorative please visit her website at


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